The Artists

Isabelle Bouteillet

French self-made artist, Isabelle Bouteillet was director of an Art Gallery for 18 years, promoting many artists and the setting of lots of exhibitions.

Isabelle loves working with collages made from fixing techniques : oil, gouache, graphite, pastel…

Through a poetic and sweet world, Isabelle Bouteillet creates different characters with the search of sensitivity and perfection.

Paper is for her an inspiration as the witness of our daily living and memory.


Clément Dezelus

Parisian artist, Clément Dezelus begins to work as a fashion illustrator. He was discovered  through the best-sellers  You’re so French, You’re so French Men et So Shoes sold worldwide. Since this time, he works for several fashion magazines and also for the Carlin International Trend Office.

His artwork is also traded as paintings by the editions of art Atelier Contemporain.



Eboy was founded in 1997 by three artists : Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital et Kai Vermehr.

Today, they live in Berlin and Vancouver. Their idea is to explore all forms of digital arts, by using pixel and the power of computers for an artistic use : the Pixorama.

Nowadays, the Eboy collective, undisputed master of pixorama, had become an international reference.  Pixorama’s inventors, they represent a whole universe in a single work, such as big international cities.


Erli Fantini

Born in Brasil, Erli Fantini is graduated from the Fine Arts School in Belo Horizonte et has taught ceramics at the Goiàs university. In 1976, Erli Fantini created her own workshop.

Nowadays, she works with bronze and iron and creates the “Window” collection.


Philippe Matine

Great traveller and photographer,  Philippe Matine creates  his digital art  from his photographical travel books. He gives to his pictures a “comic mind”, where each bubble may be freely interpreted.

Philippe Matine is interested in urban architecture, especially Mallet Stevens, a gifted architect of the 20th century.

We can find in his artistic creations Miami Beach and its architectural “Art Déco” style, Paris and its “Haussmanian” style, New-York and its buildings.

From pictures taken from his travels, Philippe Matine draws mythical universe, where a voice makes us enter into a fantasy scene.


Jill Ray

British artist, Jill Ray is painting with oil and creates digital printings, inspired by landscape design.

Jill Ray is particularly interested in colour, light and the landscape rhythms.

The Dark Peak Hills and the Sheffield forest provide most of her subjects, with sometimes winter incursions in the east coast.

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